January NAC


Tournament Date
Jan 3 - 6, 2020
Charlotte, NC

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    Friday, January 3

    Division I Men’s Epee (DV1ME)
    Entrants 331
    Division I Women’s Foil (DV1WF)
    Entrants 187
    Junior Men’s Saber (JNRMS)
    Entrants 233
    Senior Team Men’s Foil (STMMF)
    Entrants 23
    Parafencing Men’s Epee (PARAME)
    Entrants 6
    Parafencing Women’s Epee (PARAWE)
    Entrants 5

    Saturday, January 4

    Division I Men’s Foil (DV1MF)
    Entrants 319
    Division I Women’s Epee (DV1WE)
    Entrants 206
    Junior Women’s Saber (JNRWS)
    Entrants 166
    Senior Team Women’s Foil (STMWF)
    Entrants 19
    Parafencing Men’s Foil (PARAMF)
    Entrants 7
    Parafencing Women’s Foil (PARAWF)
    Entrants 3

    Sunday, January 5

    Division I Men’s Saber (DV1MS)
    Entrants 224
    Junior Men’s Foil (JNRMF)
    Entrants 277
    Junior Women’s Epee (JNRWE)
    Entrants 188
    Senior Team Men’s Epee (STMME)
    Entrants 42
    Senior Team Women’s Saber (STMWS)
    Entrants 6
    Parafencing Men’s Saber (PARAMS)
    Entrants 5
    Parafencing Women’s Saber (PARAWS)
    Entrants 2

    Monday, January 6

    Division I Women’s Saber (DV1WS)
    Entrants 159
    Junior Men’s Epee (JNRME)
    Entrants 258
    Junior Women’s Foil (JNRWF)
    Entrants 174
    Senior Team Men’s Saber (STMMS)
    Entrants 14
    Senior Team Women’s Epee (STMWE)
    Entrants 8
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    Jan 3, 2020 12:00am
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    Jan 6, 2020 12:00am