Membership Search & Downloads

To view a list of current members by representing country or division, please use our new search tool below. This information is offered in real time from our membership records.

Current Member List

This file includes members current through 7/31/2023 and beyond. To use the .csv file right click on the file, then choose Save As. Be sure to replace the “.html” in the file name with “.csv”.

End of Season List

This file includes all members valid through the previous season which ended on 7/31/2022.  This list is provided for expired member classifications and should not be used to validate current membership.

If your classification has not changed, the National Office may not have received the results from that tournament. The organizing division or section will need to send us the results for verification. Classifications can be changed only when we have official results. We are regrettably unable to accept classifications posted on askFRED as official at this time.

Division officers may continue to request detailed information on their section/division by contacting the National Office.

Coach (Pending) memberships will appear as a competitive memberships on membership lists until the background screen process has been completed. Coach + (Pending) memberships will appear as the original membership type until the background screen process has been completed.